About us

Stink Like Sock was established in early 2007 with 3 main goals:

  • To bring you forward thinking established and up-and-coming DJ’s and producers
  • To give you large, loud, weighty soundsystems, so the music can be heard and felt as it was meant to
  • To re-ignite the party atmosphere lost at todays current events

Stink Like Sock was born in March 2007, when a big soundsystem and a bunch of sweaty ravers crammed into in the back room of a Hitchin pub to party to Dubstep and Drum’N’Bass. Soundsystems, attendance, vibes and reputation increased, and in November 2008 Stink Like Sock landed in Cambridge with some of the biggest names in the bass music scene, after being scouted by legendary venue The Junction. Currently Stink Like Sock is East of Englands biggest Dubstep & Bass music night, continually bringing huge nights with crazy lineups!